Self-tinting Glass

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Exterior Light Conditions are Constantly Changing. Shouldn’t Your Windows Change, too?

Suntuitive self-tinting windows continuously and automatically manage your building’s changing needs for solar control and natural daylight transmittance. Building occupants enjoy more consistent, comfortable temperatures, reduced interior glare, more natural lighting and clear views of the outdoors every day of the year.


Preserve Your View And Your Comfortillu-view

Blinds and shades block or obscure the view from a window. Suntuitive preserves the viewby reducing or eliminating the need for shades, blinds, exterior overhangs and other light-blocking devices. Without these obstructions, you can enjoy early morning sunshine from your east-facing windows and appreciate sunsets from your west-facing windows without annoying, uncomfortable and destructive heat gain and glare.


Enhance Security and Protect Your Furnishings

Suntuitive self-tinting windows are constructed of tough, laminated glass that is extremely resistant tSecurity with Suntuitive Self-tinting glasso penetration from break-ins and wind-borne debris. This significantly enhances your building’s  safety and security. Additionally, laminated glass resists sound penetration, reducing interior sound levels. Lastly, Suntuitive shields occupants and furnishings from damaging UV and reduces absorbed heat and light which contribute to fading of furnishings and merchandise.

  • 20+ year lifetime with third-party testing
  • Impact & security tested

Energy Savings with Suntuitive Self-tinting glass

Generate Energy Savings

Suntuitive can lower costs associated with air conditioning, artificial lighting and heating, which is up to 70% of a building’s total energy consumption.

  • Suntuitive rejects most of the sun’s heat from entering the building – this reduces a/c operating costs on hot, sunny days.
  • A/C systems are usually selected to handle peak demand from solar heat gain. By reducing solar heat gain through use of Suntuitive, a smaller a/c system can be used.
  • The greatest energy savings come during times of peak energy consumption when energy costs are higher – this saves money and preserves the environment.


illu-exteriorEliminate Exterior Mechanical Solutions

Awnings and overhangs are expensive and often require maintenance and upkeep. If they are added to a building’s design solely for the purpose of shading a window, the cost per square foot of window area is usually much more than the cost of Suntuitive. Furthermore, awnings and overhangs do not block direct sunlight and glare when the sun is very low on the horizon.

Suntuitive requires no maintenance, and works at all times of day – every day of the year.


illu-soundReduce Exterior Sound Penetration

By nature of it’s laminate construction, Suntuitive naturally dampens sound. In addition to enjoying a view to the outside that is never obscured due to blinds or shades, you will also enjoy quieter, more peaceful, interior spaces.




illu-sunlightImprove Productivity and Efficiency

People intuitively understand that access to natural sunlight simply makes you feel better. Almost no one desires to be in an interior office or classroom with only artificial light. A number of independent studies have now conclusively linked improved efficiency and performance to access to natural daylight. It is important to note that the benefit from natural sunlight is only realized when there is an absence of annoying glare and heat gain. Links to several state of California studies are provided below.

California Student Performance Study
California Office Worker Productivity Study


illu-designOptimize Design

Use all of the space in your building, including the precious window real estate, without jeopardizing occupant comfort and performance.

Comfort is maximized by:

  • Clear view of the outdoors
  • Allowing for increased use of daylighting
  • More consistently comfortable temperatures
  • Reduced glare

illu-sustainabilitySuntuitive Is Smart And Sustainable

Green features:

  • Powered by heat from direct sunlight
  • No manual, mechanical or electrical intervention
  • With Suntuitive, occupants can see and experience the energy savings and well-being the technology offers
  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Can contribute toward LEED certification
  • Suntuitive is a GreenSpec® listed product putting it in the top 10% of green building products

114672-magic-marker-icon-animals-animal-bird copy_edited-1Friendly to Birds

Most Suntuitive products meet the American Bird Conservancy’s minimum standard (AI) for effective bird collision deterrent materials. Click HERE to see the report.

One pane without Suntuitive