Self-tinting Glass

Easy to Purchase and Install

Commercial Installations

Suntuitive is sourced and installed in exactly the same fashion as other architectural glass. Simply tell your architect or builder that you wish to use Suntuitive and we will supply glass to the glazer of your choice for installation in a standard commercial framing system.

Residential Installations

In most cases, standard residential window glass can be replaced with Suntuitive. Start by contacting us, and we will work with your builder or glazer to develop a plan.

Where do I Start?

It’s easy. Contact Us and we’ll explain the process, prepare a quote, and follow-through with your architect or builder from delivery to installation.

What Colors and Styles are Available?

With Suntuitive, you are not limited to predetermined configurations. You can choose virtually any glass color, any glass manufacturer, and any low-e coating. Engineering services are included with every purchase to ensure optimal performance for your application and geographic location. Trying to match other glass on your building? No problem, we’ll help you make the right choice.

Sourcing & Fabrication Options

Options vary based on location and volume:

  • Ready-to-install Insulated Glass Unit – shipped direct to the job site or glazer
  • Suntuitive laminate – shipped to an IGU fabricator
  • Film only – shipped to a certified laminator/fabricator

One pane without Suntuitive


Easily Retrofitted. Because Suntuitive uses no wires or control system, it is easily retrofitted into existing structures. For commercial applications, Suntuitive can often be installed in the existing framing system with little or no modification.

Sloped Glazing. Suntuitive can be installed in sloped configurations and is the perfect choice for skylights. Why? Skylights can be a terrible source of heat and glare, and blinds are impractical. Suntuitive works automatically, with no need for blinds.

Curved glass and irregular shapes. No problem for Suntuitive.



Maximum size approximately 5’ x 12’