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How can I buy the product?

If you would like to buy the product you can contact Intuitive Innovations directly at info@i2group,net. We will assist all interested parties who wish to purchase interlayer or finished windows either directly or by referral to one of our partners.  In either case, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our typical supply chain is as follows: Pleotint produces Suntuitive and supplies this product to a glass laminator partner. The laminators take the interlayer and laminate it between two pieces of glass. Once the laminate is made a spacer and an additional piece of glass, preferably with low-e, are added to make a double-pane IGU.

Is installation more complicated?
Windows with Suntuitive install the same as any other typical window (or IGU).
Is expensive wiring necessary with Suntuitive?

No wires, no worries.

Suntuitive is completely “Off the Grid”.

Suntuitive windows draw all of their operational energy directly from the sun. The process is entirely self-sustaining and the windows do not require wiring or manual intervention.


How durable are Suntuitive windows?

Independent testing and Pleotint’s own research indicates that Suntuitive interlayer will last at least 20 years with very little visible light transmission change.  Pleotint rigorously tests for durability, and on-going accelerated aging tests indicate that Suntuitive windows will meet or exceed a 20 year lifetime.

Suntuitive Interlayer is currently being tested for Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for hurricane prone areas.

Can Suntuitive be used as a post-application film?
No, Suntuitive is an interlayer and cannot be applied as a film onto existing windows.  The Suntuitive interlayer is built into a new window which can then be installed into a new construction or retrofit application.
How are Suntuitive windows installed?

Suntuitive windows are installed the same way as conventional IGUs are installed today. Suntuitive windows do not require wires or electrical controls to make the window function.

Suntuitive windows will install anywhere a typical double or triple pane window can be installed.  We recommend a 1” or 1 ⅛” frame.  Because of their pleasing aesthetics and energy efficiency, Suntuitive windows are a great choice for any building or home.

What style options are available with a Suntuitive window system?

Currently there is a limit of 65 inches (1.651 meters) in width. Windows can be made to virtually any length. They are also available in a wide range of shapes and configurations including curved glass and skylights.  Suntuitive window designs are also available for various specialized applications.

Pleotint only supplies one color and thickness of the Suntuitive Interlayer. However, color can be adjusted by use of different tints of glass.  PPG Ideascapes offers many tints of glass that work wonderfully with Suntuitive such as Optiblue or Solargray.

Can I replace my current window(s) with a Suntuitive window system?

Yes.  However, some installations may also require replacement of the window frame.

What is the lead time to get a Suntuitive window system installed?

Lead times can vary depending on the size of the project. However, since Pleotint takes advantage of the current supply chain, lead times are similar to receiving a standard laminated window.

Can Suntuitive windows be opened?

Yes, Suntuitive windows do not use any wires or controllers so there is nothing to prevent the window from opening.

How does the product function?

Suntuitive is primarily comprised of a thermochromic Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer material, which must be laminated between two pieces of tempered or heat strengthened glass and made into an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). Low-e should be incorporated into the IGU between the glass laminated with Suntuitive™ and the interior of the building.  When the sunlight hits the window with Suntuitive Interlayer, the laminate starts to absorb the heat from the sun causing the Suntuitive Interlayer to darken. The more direct the sunlight, the darker the laminate will become.

What do Suntuitive windows look like from the outside?

In indirect sun the Suntuitive windows will look similar to any other window. However, when the Suntuitive windows tint they will appear dark gray from the exterior.  Tinted Suntuitive windows are similar to wearing sunglasses, where the glasses appear dark from the outside, but are easy to see through from the inside.

Are Suntuitive windows expensive?

The cost of Suntuitive windows will depend on several factors such as its size, shape and configuration and will cost more than a regular window.  However, capital can be saved on HVAC equipment and replacement of furnishings due to reduced harmful UV rays.  You will also save on heating, cooling and lighting costs.  And the comfortable environment you will create inside your building or home provides an on-going benefit.

How fast does the Suntuitive Interlayer tint and un-tint?

It will take 20-30 minutes of direct sunlight for the window to fully tint. Likewise, it will take 20-30 minutes for the window to return to the original state.

What is the technical performance of a Suntuitive window system?

A Suntuitive window system is able to reduce SHGC to 0.11 and allows for a VLT range from 69% to 6%.  A chart comparing different configuration performances is available on Downloads page.

What temperature does a Pleotint Suntuitive window system start to tint and where will Suntuitive be most beneficial?

Our product is always changing color in direct sunlight, but the Suntuitive Interlayer has been designed so that the most active range is from IGU pane temperatures of 77°F (25°C) to 150°F (65°C).

Structures that are subjected to abundant and direct sunlight will especially reap the benefits of Suntuitive.  In the United States, this includes West-facing windows that receive direct sunlight in the late afternoon and South-facing windows in northern regions where the sun angle is low through-out the day.

How much energy savings should I expect to receive from Suntuitive windows?

Due to the unique properties of the Suntuitive Interlayer and the construction of the IGU, Suntuitive windows are one of the most energy saving windows available on the market. As there are many window systems in the market today, We are able to model how our window system technology compares with most other choices. Anyone considering Suntuitive windows for their project is invited to contact us directly for assistance for an energy savings estimate.

Will the Suntuitive window system tint on a cold sunny day?

This will depend on the ambient temperature outside as well as wind chill.  We recommend an IGU construction in which the laminate with Suntuitive is placed towards the outside.  This construction is best for energy saving.  However, on cold sunny windy days the wind may wick the heat from the laminate therefore not allowing the window to heat up enough to activate the Suntuitive Interlayer.  This feature can be a benefit to allow natural solar heat gain into a building to offset the cost of heating a building.

There are also times when snow on the ground will reflect sunlight to the windows.  This combined with any direct sunlight will allow the Suntuitivewindows to tint nicely.

What if my building is surrounded by other buildings, will the Suntuitive window system still tint?

If there is direct sunlight on the windows, the windows will tint.

Is Suntuitive listed in the International Glazing Database?

Suntutive® interlayer is an NFRC approved interlayer. Data for the product is available in the International Glazing Database version 38 and above.

Can Suntuitive's performance be modeled?

Any NFRC approved simulation laboratory can generate the data required to rate a fenestration product incorporating our interlayer. That said, currently NFRC is not able to generate a dynamic rating which would include properties of the window system both with direct sunlight and without direct sunlight. We are working toward establishing a protocol that would permit a dynamic rating and anticipate that NFRC will be able to provide a dynamic rating for products containing Suntuitive interlayer by the spring of 2016. Presently, we recommend asking the simulation laboratory to use choose one of the “lower temperature” data sets for Suntuitive interlayer (i.e., data corresponding to a 5 °C, 15 °C or 25 °C interlayer temperature). One should note that the values obtained for visible light transmission and the SHGC of the fenestration product will be slightly smaller with the data corresponding to higher interlayer temperatures.

What certifications has Suntuitive achieved?

CPSC 16 CFR 1201
Impact resistance

ASTM E-2141
This is an electrochromic specific test (Suntuitive’s technology is “thermochromic”). Suntuitive has met a modified version of this test (with no switching). We are currently working to develop a thermochromic specific test.

Lamination Partners and IGU Fabrication Partners are Required to Meet These Standards


ANSI Z97.1
Heat treatment

ASTM E-2190
IGU seal integrity, gas retention and factory quality control

Customer Testimonials

We are extremely happy that we chose Suntuitive as the solution to our heat gain problem. Since the installation of the Suntuitive glass, our individual offices have been very comfortable on sunny days. No longer do we have to open and close blinds to shield our offices from the sun and heat. Furthermore, we no longer have to “override” the air conditioning in attempt to manufacture a manageable temperature. All of our questions have been answered automatically with this self-tinting glass. Although tinted, the glass still allows for the brightness inside our offices to stay at levels that allow us not to have to use all of our lighting fixtures, which in turn saves on our energy usage. We fully endorse the Suntuitive product.

Tom Bertschy

Vice President of The State Bank

I have been in the glass industry for over 35 years and have seen most every glass type, color, and low-E available, and I cannot say enough good things about the experience of looking through Suntuitive glass. Prior to Suntuitive, my A/C ran all day on a typical 85 degree day, today my A/C is taking a break. It is most noticeable in my sunroom where I have not closed the shades since installing Suntuitive. It is truly amazing to stand in direct sunlight and not feel the intense heat. I catch myself watching the glass as it tints throughout the day, and I enjoy showing it off to friends and answering questions; their typical response is WOW. One must experience Suntuitive for themselves to fully appreciate it. Finally, a window that thinks and reacts!


We are glad that we chose Suntuitive as the solution to our heat gain problem. Since the installation of the Suntuitive glass, our office has been very comfortable on sunny days. Suntuitive has lowered our morning heat gain by 10-15 degrees. The air conditioning does not run constantly as it did before. We like the fact that we do not have to manually control the tint level, or open and close louvers or blinds; the new glass just automatically tints. The brightness level inside the office stays at a consistently pleasing level. The green tint that we selected blends nicely with the colors and architectural features of our facility, and has been a definite upgrade in the curb appeal of the office. We whole heartedly endorse Suntuitive. Matt Krause

President of Wolverine Enclosures