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Interlayer Warranty.
Suntuitive is a heat-sensitive glass interlayer that must be incorporated into an insulated glass unit (IGU) in order to function. Pleotint, the manufacturer of Suntuitive, offers a competitive 10 year limited warranty on functionality of this interlayer (see below). However, even in extreme conditions, independent laboratory testing indicates an expected functional life of 30 years or more. Contact Us for information related to longevity testing.

Insulated Glass Warranty
The Suntuitive interlayer must first be laminated between two pieces of glass, then assembled into an insulated glass unit (IGU) in order to function. Warranties for the laminated glass and IGU assembly are provided by the manufacturer. Neither Pleotint, the manufacturer of Suntuitive interlayer, nor Intuitive Innovations manufactures IGUs. Laminators which have been authorized to manufacture laminated glass with Suntuitive thermochromic interlayer typically offer a 10 year limited warranty. Specific warranty information will be provided when a project is quoted. Many glass laminators offer only 5 year warranties.

10 Year Warranty

Limited Warranty

Pleotint provides a Standard Suntuitive® Limited Warranty (the “Warranty”) to the original customer (“Customer”) only. Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations contained herein, Pleotint warrants that its Suntuitive film, when used and laminated between glass in accordance with Pleotint’s lamination, handling, and storage guidelines, as amended, will continue to perform by darkening at a range of no less than seventy-five percent (75%) of its initial delivered range and will not materially obstruct vision as a result of film degradation or defects in material or workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of shipment. Pleotint, in its sole discretion and at its option, will repair any defective Suntuitive film, replace any defective Suntuitive film (with the same or comparable product), or make a pro rata refund of the initial purchase price for the defective portion of the Suntuitive film. There is no other warranty. The Customer has no rights under this Warranty unless and until Pleotint receives full payment of the purchase price of its goods and services (the “Goods”). All specifications set forth in Pleotint’s quotations, order acknowledgments, or other sales documentation remain subject to tolerances and variations consistent with usage of trade and regular practices concerning normal variations in surface; deviations from color and tolerances; and variations consistent with practical testing and inspection methods.