Continuous Insulation

SMARTci – Overview

SMARTci is an innovative, complete installation solution.

Engineered as a continuous insulation system SMARTci includes thermally insulated sub-girts, insulation and an engineered installation package. It’s a simple way to drastically reduce the cost of the building’s heating and cooling. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and will help toward LEED certification.

Simply put, SMARTci makes buildings smarter.


Why SMARTci?


The Problem: Thermal Bridging

When metal is used to connect the exterior components of the building directly to the interior framing, this causes a thermal bridge. This thermal path of least resistance allows heat (or cold) to escape creating a vulnerability for cold spots and allowing moisture problems. Using materials that eliminate the thermal bridge help avoid unnecessary heating and cooling costs.



The Solution: SMARTci

SMARTci was designed to address the inadequacies of other continuous insulation solutions. Its individual parts were created as a simple, complete solution to help you create smarter buildings. Plus, it’s the best assembly to help you earn points toward LEED certification. Unlike other attachment systems, SMARTci completely prevents thermal bridging that are created by metal fasteners and framing. It doesn’t create cold spots for condensation inside your walls. It has a universal attachment design for virtually any cladding, and it can be used over multiple surfaces– not just stud walls.